Epoxy is liquid adhesive that is widely used in woodworking and home renovation, but has seen an explosion in popularity among crafters, jewelry makers and crafters of all kinds. Nowadays it seems like everyone is using it. But why? Below we’ll talk about why this durable and versatile product is perfect for your next DIY project.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy resin is a thermosetting compound that when mixed with a hardener becomes a strong reliable adhesive. Epoxy can take on almost any color when flecks of pigment are added, so it isn’t only functional, it also looks good.

When left on its own, epoxy will dry into a solid material, but the real fun is using it to bind together other things like wood, cement, fiberglass or even metal. Because it is such a strong adhesive, it’s a popular choice for simple home repairs, making furniture, sealing wooden boats, and much more.

What Can You Do With Epoxy?

Because epoxy is so versatile, the uses are almost endless. Traditional applications include boat building, floor finishing, and home repair. Boatbuilders use epoxy to coat the hulls of their boats, making them watertight, preventing rot and adding strength to the hull by filling the grain that’s opened from the plywood being contorted into shape. It’s often used in industrial areas as a floor coating, because of its strength, durability, and resistance to various chemicals. Epoxy is also a popular choice to repair loose furniture joints and repairs dents and cracks in woodwork. 

More recently makers and crafters of all kinds have been using epoxy to create beautiful and long lasting products, including tables with colorful “rivers” cascading down to the floor, watches housed to epoxy cases, or even something as simple as a coaster where you can set your drink. 

Some of our favorite examples of makers using epoxy include, Creative Custom Designz, Artisan Design Concepts, and Greg Shopmeyer.

How Does Epoxalyptic Use Epoxy?

We’ve always been fascinated by using epoxy in conjunction with wood because of the almost endless applications and possibilities. When we first thought of the idea of combining my reclaimed timber with colourful epoxy, we got a surge of inspired energy. What results from this uncharacteristic combination of materials are eye-catching longboards — and soon other products like serving boards, and more — that are durable and long-lasting, and guaranteed to start conversations.

How Can I Use Epoxy At Home?

WIth a little preparation epoxy is perfect for crafters and artists to make projects in the convenience of their homes. You don’t need many materials to get started (gloves, plastic mixing containers, something to stir the epoxy with, etc.), and you can mix it with almost anything (flowers, glitter, food coloring, pigment pieces, etc.) to achieve the look you want. In addition to what we’ve already mention other popular projects to try with epoxy include decorative countertops filled with anything from coins to bottle caps and then set with epoxy, poured paint art that uses swirls of color instead of brush strokes, and epoxy jewelry that could be as simple as a small pendant necklace to something more complicated like a molded bracelet set around dried flowers. 

Not sure how to get started? We are happy to help and offer expert advice on epoxy and its uses as well as a range of other items created from the powerful synthesis of wood and epoxy. Get in touch!